In The Beautiful Buffalo Valley

Unicoi, Tennessee

The Town of Unicoi is a rural Town located in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee.  It is believed that the town's name is derived from an Indian word "u'nika" which means white, fog like, or fog-draped, which is how the Indians described the mountains in the area.  The town is 16.3 square miles and is surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest.  The area is a destination for many hikers, campers, and those seeking adventure in the outdoors. 
The Town of Unicoi and the surrounding areas provide many opportunities for hiking and becoming one with nature.  The Pinnacle Trail leading up Buffalo Mountain to a renovated fire tower is located in the Town of Unicoi, along with other area trails leading into the mountains and to beautiful waterfalls. 
The area has maintained its natural beauty while supporting local businesses and being conveniently located right off of I-26.  Stop by and see our beautiful landscape, visit our local businesses and experience our friendly town.   You may be one of the many who decide to move to this beautiful area.
Check out the Story of the Buffalo and why it is the brand of Unicoi .
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The Unicoi Economic Development Board exists to support existing businesses, develop new business and economic opportunities for Unicoi County and it's ccommunities and provide information and incentives to site seekers and businesses of all types.  Unicoi County is a gateway to the strategic corridor of Interstate 26 and CSX Rail serving a days access of logistic commerce transport to over 75 percent of the population of North America.   Go to the Economic and Development Board Site